3 Novel Hacks to Kickstart Your Productivity

The only resource that none folks will get more of in this life is time. We get what we get, so we have to make the the majority of it.

For perspective, I’ve a full-time day job, a profitable online side business and I also write regularly for six different large internet sites including Entrepreneur.com. Ok last one, we have three kids 4-to-14 years. Let’s just say there’s very little disposable time for dilly dally in my own schedule.

So I’m always on the search for better, more efficient methods to maximize my outputs and results with impactful inputs possible. Understanding that about me, a pal introduced me to bestselling author Frank Viola. He is off-the-scale in terms of cranking out consistently high-quality deliverables.

Consider that in the last eight years Viola has written 25 full-length books — 12 for traditional publishing houses and the others self published — which seven reached bestseller status. He’s also written a lot more than 900 unique blogs over the same period, and he’s produced a lot more than 125 podcast episodes which have pushed his weekly audio cast to the quantity two i’m all over this iTunes.

Furthermore, he writes bi-weekly newsletters to his subscribers and has spoken to a huge selection of audiences. All that with out a single freelancer, ghostwriter, editorial staffer or usage of any PLR content throughout that eight-year stretch.

In comparison, the productivity rate of the common American since 2009 declined to at least one 1.0 percent—down from 2.3 percent in the first 2000s. That’s a a lot more than 50 percent productivity decline. It’s safe to state the guy knows something about getting things done.

Throughout a recent interview, Viola distributed to me several tactics and techniques he uses to operate a vehicle his prolific practices. The next three hacks are a number of the more novel ways he reaches unprecedented productivity levels.

Here is the same principle as a financial audit, where you look at every dollar that will come in then capture where every dollar would go to identify regions of wasted expense. However, Viola stresses doing this exercise with every activity you do.

"It is important for folks to track what they’re doing in 15- or 30-minute increments each day for a whole week — writing everything down. It appears tedious but it is important because it really can help you identify time usage patterns together with all activities that are not producing results, impact or advancing you toward your overarching goals," said Viola.

He says establishing this baseline may be the necessary first rung on the ladder toward knowing where you can cut.

"For me personally, this has led to eliminating many different projects and pursuits that free me up to activate other opportunities that are more tightly aligned with my goals. It’s an excellent exercise to being more productive," he said.

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Of all tactics he discussed with me, that one stood out as the utmost innovative—especially when it’s in comparison to traditional prioritization models.

While he uses daily task list prepared the night time before, that is where the similarity with almost every other prioritizing practice stops.

His list contains between 5-10 personal AND business tasks intermingled together to greatly help strike a "dynamic life balance" that Viola says is essential for peak productivity.

Even though the tasks vary in importance—he tackles urgent issues first to greatly help stem human tendencies to procrastinate—Viola requires a “tight but loose” approach when accomplishing all the listed activities, this means he doesn’t constrain tasks by time but instead by his motivation.

"So I’ll chunk large projects into manageable activity blocks that are not predicated on time at all. I’ll focus on that activity until I’m not motivated because of it anymore, then I’ll move to another activity block. This ensures I’m only applying my best capability to every activity instead of half-hearted efforts. I’m convinced that overly regimented schedules kill creativity and productivity," he said.

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Among the key regions of lost productivity occurs when individuals spend your time searching for important info or files.

Actually, according to a McKinsey report from 2013, employees spend 1.8 hours each day — 9.3 hours weekly, normally — searching and gathering information. Put another way, workers are spending a lot more than 20 percent of their own time not contributing real value while looking for stuff.

To remove needless looking for important files and project paperwork in cabinets and piles, Viola hangs all necessary project documents on the wall, exactly like office artwork, above his workstation.

"I take advantage of specially designed file organizers that hold on the wall, which let me visually lock on any relevant document I’ve in process instantly. I could instantly locate and access every project folder in a couple of seconds. This enables for smoother stop-start transitions, and enables me to stay in the productivity flow without missing a beat," he said.

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Viola also depends on time-saving technology hacks, such as for example software that deciphers personalized shorthand together with Dragon Dictation software that transcribes his speech-to-text for a price that’s 2-to-3 times faster than he can type. He switches into much more detail in a course he developed, which he says might help anyone enhance their productivity together with spark creative output.

"Each one of these tactics might not look like much individually but taken together they create a powerful, cumulative influence on individual productivity," he said.

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