3 Offbeat Methods to Grow Your Company

You likely did a whole lot of research when you initially began your business. Perchance you even found a few influencers or advisors; perhaps you scanned countless books, magazines and other sources.

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The, after making large investments of time, money and sweat equity, you launched. Now, what?

Surviving the startup phase can be an accomplishment in its right, but you face the task of growing your business. There are countless tried-and-true recommendations out there about hiring the proper people, knowing your numbers and maintaining focus. And these can create prospect of growth.

But they’re not the most actionable tips. I JUST spoke to several growing businesses to understand what they’re doing to grow — and the responses, described below, were as interesting and actionable because they were diverse.

It’s easy to hold back for the hype to pass, allow dust settle and see where others have gone with new technology, to see if it’s something viable for marketing and growing your business. But where’s the fun for the reason that?

If you’re one of the primary wave to test out a fresh platform for promotion and engagement, you would likely have wide-open engagement together with your audience — and little worry about competition. That’s what many companies, like BACK TO WHERE IT STARTED Insights did.

BACK TO WHERE IT STARTED Insights provides performance metrics on the Salesforce platform, in order that even while a B2B company it’s utilizing Snapchat. And the project is working tremendously.

“We concentrate on Snapchat promotions at our events,” says Director of Marketing Sweta Patel. “The very best part of Snapchat is that this is a direct marketing channel. The enterprise companies we use are digging it! The number-one way Sales may use Snapchat is by inviting their prospects to lunch. Snapchat was originally a consumer-driven network, in fact it is recently turning out to be a B2B network for direct marketing purposes, and bringing a feeling of personalization.”

I take advantage of Snapchat every day to consult with and help other marketers, often giving an answer to a lot more than 100 comments on any given day. It’s a good engagement tool.

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Thought leadership is something a whole lot of companies shoot for, but few achieve. Like any other kind of marketing and outreach, thought leadership takes a technique for consistent engagement. In addition, it doesn’t have to live across multiple channels, as we are able to study from Brand24.

Brand24 provides social listening solutions that help companies keep an eye on brand, business and product mentions over the web. To raised position itself before their audience, the business created a technique of direct engagement in a particular community: Quora.

“We developed a community marketing team whose KPI [key performance indicator] is to become leader in topics via various online channels, as a way to increase visibility and traffic,” says Chief Revenue Officer Mick Griffin. “We’ve already successfully achieved this on Quora, and the email address details are very positive. Our community manager Gloria is currently the most-read content provider in 13 channels vital that you our industry.”

Griffin recommends that others who would like to attempt the same community engagement should focus on building their profiles on Quora and other similar content-sharing sites. This does take time, however the higher you rank, the more visibility you get. That results in greater referral traffic without increased costs.

I don’t stop talking about content marketing, and recommend tools like my very own ContentMarketer.io platform to activate influencers through content promotion. While content marketing may not look like an offbeat technique to some, there’s still a big disconnect with content marketing.

So much in order that 57 percent of content marketers continue steadily to ignore it and concentrate on traditional offline marketing. Which means there’s much more opportunity there.

Grow and Convert understands the advantages of content marketing. The website aims to greatly help companies attract and grow their audience online and convert their traffic into paying customers. To grow its business, Grow and Convert took a distinctive approach using content marketing.

“We’re creating a business backwards,” says Benji Hyam, the business’s co-founder. “We have been focused on building-out an enormous audience within an extremely defined target market, and building products that help solve pain points. For the first five months, we only centered on adding value through helpful content, and subsequently that led to over 25,000 monthly visitors.

"We just released our first product the other day, called Postable.io, and today curently have an audience to market it to. Within the first week of launching, we’d over 100 people join a trial.”

A focused content-marketing strategy, then, will help you achieve great results: grow brand visibility, generate new leads, nurture existing leads and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

By flipping the thinking on creating a business, Grow and Convert faces less risk while providing something more valuable to the end-user. And because they have a relationship with the majority of their audience members via email, professionals at Grow and Convert know the pains those users have and where they get tripped up.

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During that insight and smart content marketing, Grow and Convert will be able to build things that help solve real problems its already

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