6 Steps to Planning for a Free Startup Event and Making a Splash

As an ecommerce startup — selling a socially conscious jewelry line from Kenya — and a business with a restricted marketing budget, we devote a whole lot of energy to thinking up methods to creatively (i.e., cheaply) yet effectively market our company and expand our customer base.

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We’ve discovered that planning promotional events is among the best methods to meet our customers face-to-face and simultaneously control our brand messaging, thereby accomplishing something so very important to a young company lacking any established brand: speaking for itself.

Viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing are two of the very most underrated and least costly marketing strategies. As we considered how exactly we could raise brand awareness and create buzz around our mission, we drew upon the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” and the Dark Knight Rises viral video campaign for inspiration.

Whenever we launched a grassroots PR stunt in Central Park this past year and asked visitors to share their dreams around, we discovered how exactly to deliver our message to activate with potential customers and in addition gathered behavioral data points to greatly help drive our future marketing decisions. Listed below are six key things we learned on the way:

Considering what you need to escape the event can help you. Are you hoping to obtain customers? Drive sales? Try a product? Offering samples will be a good way to check your product and get immediate feedback, nonetheless it might not drive sales, based on the type of product you sell. To fit your objectives with the sort of event you wish to plan, brainstorming and doing all your research on consumer behavior are fundamental.

To greatly help us stay organized, we created our content in advance: Facebook posts, Instagram countdowns and e-mail marketing blasts. Many of these could be scheduled to create automatically through sites like sproutsocial and help generate buzz before the event. Of course, ensure that your website and social media accounts are on-message.

Among the reasons we coordinated a knowledge event was to improve our company’s press coverage. So, do as we did and get in touch with publications that might be thinking about covering your event; send them a particular invitation (for instance, try personalizing a note about a few of their past writing that you enjoyed, and say why).

Make sure you follow up afterward in summary the function, even if your invited guests couldn’t make it. Persistence and timely follow-ups be seen! Using this momentum to your advantage, we secured our first feature in Forbes despite the fact that the journalist couldn’t attend our event.

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Event sites like Splash and Eventbrite are simple to use for event management, but don’t forget you are the very best (and no-cost) ambassador for your event. Tell your family and friends and have them to aid your event. You can also spread the term online through your own private social media accounts and by blogging about your company and its own mission on sites just like the Medium.

We attracted a huge selection of people travelling in Central Park through our energized and talented musicians (among whom dragged a harp in to the park!) Without their presence, we’d not have collected as much dreams from people as we did — 150, to be exact. Even while the music drew a crowd, it allowed bystanders to start. Had we not turned this viral marketing event right into a concert, everyone could have thought we were street peddlers!

Little did we realize, reserving space in NEW YORK parks is done almost a year in advance and there are many application fees and procedures to check out! Don’t let considerations just like a poor venue location block the way of planning your perfect promotional event. Understand that there will be a lot of unexpected mishaps the day-of and the very best that can be done is face them with a calm and good attitude.

With so much business happening online nowadays, planning for a live event (and also meeting people personally) is a intimidating task. Despite the fact that we consider ourselves primarily a socially conscious ecommerce site, we’re definitely in the people business. We can not stress live interaction together with your target customer segment enough.

A few of our most loyal customers have already been gained from these in-person events and summer craft fairs where we could actually put a face to your brand, have customers put on products and speak to us about their interests and aspirations.

While you’ll certainly reach a more substantial audience online, sometimes there are huge advantages from gaining a few loyal customers in the first stages of your start-up who’ll become brand ambassadors for the others of your company’s life.

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