6 Steps to Salvage an Unproductive Day

We’ve all had days past whenever we have a million things you can do, but can’t appear to get ahead on some of them. Not merely do unproductive days detract from your own business’ success, additionally, it may impact your well-being, inside your mood and stress levels. While simply throwing in the towel, heading home and time for the office refreshed the very next day might seem an attractive option, there’s still an opportunity to turn around your entire day and increase your productivity.

Follow these six steps and rescue your unproductive day:

Clear the clutter. A desk filled with paperwork could cause you to continually interrupt yourself, preventing you from getting anything done. "You begin looking through the piles of clutter to find something, you then find other activities that you forgot you’d and you get distracted and begin working on another thing," says personal-productivity expert Peggy Duncan. While clearing off your desk can happen too enormous an activity as well as something you’ve been postponing for a rainy day, sometimes simply waking up and making even minimal progress on an activity can spark the mind into productivity mode and get you started on your own real to-do list.

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Cross off the simple stuff first. You can gain momentum on your own to-do list by checking off a few easy tasks first. When glancing at an extended list, Duncan will most likely jot down a few simple things that weren’t even on the initial list, just so she can check them off. Seeing a few checkmarks can fill the human brain with feel-good endorphins, which might be sufficient of a rush to assist you move forward with all of those other activities on the list. Duncan warns, however, never to avoid the large-ticket items. “You don’t want to invest your mood on the tiny things,” she says. “I usually recommend people prioritize tasks that may get you paid."

Choose one task. Performance-improvement expert Les Taylor says a to-do list does only keep up with the status quo. He recommends swapping the “to-do list” with the “success list.” Consider: “EASILY could only accomplish a very important factor today that could move my business forward, what would it not be?” Then concentrate on that a very important factor, turning off email reminders and social media in order to avoid interruptions. Highlight this priority task by placing it on a sticky note beside your laptop, for instance, to ensure that things that are of the best benefit end up being the focus of your mood.

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Change the scenery. Simply getting away from any office and moving to some other setting will help you shift right into a more productive mindset. Take your laptop to a restaurant or a closed meeting room and also have a clear goal at heart of what you need to perform while there.

Set a 15-minute timer. Provide a project your undivided attention for only a quarter-hour. You’ll be surprised just how much you can accomplish in that short time of time. That small accomplishment can inspire you to fast-forward the right path through the others of your to-do list.

Keep a positive mindset. Taylor says starting your entire day on a poor note may be the fastest way to make sure an unproductive day. He recommends creating a library of books or CDs that stimulate your brain with healthy, productive thoughts. Avoid starting or ending your day by watching the news headlines, for instance, as news reports have a tendency to be flooded with negative emotions. Instead, utilize the first few moments of your day to energize your brain with positive thoughts and the previous few to examine the accomplishments of your day, setting yourself up for a productive tomorrow.

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