6 Steps to Take Today to boost Your Google SERP’S

Do you prefer everything you see when you Google yourself or your business?

Nearly every week, I get yourself a frantic call from someone needing my help with their search engine. Sadly, normally, this is motivated by bad reviews and a drop running a business.

There are actions you can take to shore up the digital foundation for your business in order that bad reviews aren’t the very first thing people see. Remember, it really is easier to counteract negative search engine in the event that you already control the majority of the first page of Google’s serp’s for you as well as your business. This technique is a kind of seo called “reputation management.”

Let’s focus on your site. You’d think this might go without saying, however your website should absolutely appear as the first result when someone looks for you or your business. Follow these steps:

1. Ensure that your business’ name is in the domain name. If you’re a professional, like a lawyer, you’ll have to own a domain for both your lawyer and name. Your site ought to be www.YourBusinessName.com. Your business’ name ought to be mentioned on the homepage in words, not only the logo, since se’s can’t “read” images. It will also come in the title tag of your site and in the meta description.

2. Mention your or your business’ name on the “About Us” page. That’s where you’ll get the opportunity to explicitly state what your business does therefore the internet search engine can associate it with keywords that folks are actually looking for, such as “LA dentist." Write a 500-word description of yourself as well as your business. You’ll need this for the other listings anyway, so take action now, wear it your site, then set it aside.

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3. Put the business’ name again on the "Contact Us" page. You’d be surprised just how many people leave this off or bury it on a full page that is difficult to find. Make another "Contact Us" page where you again state the name of your business, then put the address and the telephone number. Within an era where increasing numbers of people are employing their smartphones to research numbers for businesses before calling them, your site should appear in seconds, as well as your phone number ought to be clear. If you’re a normal brick-and-mortar business, together with your address and contact number will help the various search engines properly match your site with business directory listings.

4. Update the backend. You’ll want a “sitemap” plugin set up so the se’s grab every page. If your website is made in WordPress, I would recommend Google XML Sitemaps. If not, have your web person create a “site map” page manually.

5. Find the Google Places/Google Plus Local Listing for your business. Claim the page and update the info in order that it matches what’s on your own website. After you’ve ensured your business’ name and address are prominently featured on your own website, the next stop is your Google Places listing. Google Places soon will be coupled with Google+ to create “Google + Business,” so you’ll have to find out where your business listing is and update it. Start here. Also you can put your business’ address into https://maps.google.com and update the listing from there.

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If your business is completely new and you can’t look for a Google Places listing for this, make a Google + Business here.

6. Now move to the Facebook Page for the business enterprise. Your business must have a dedicated Facebook Page, if for no other reason than you have 10 slots to fill on Page Among Google, and each you need to be one you can control. In the event that you haven’t already, create a Facebook Page here. Make sure you change the username of the page to the name of your actual business that you’re trying to rank. You may want to have 25 people as fans before you do that, so make an email and get back to http://facebook.com/username once you do. That is important because before Facebook username is changed, the various search engines are unlikely to associate the business enterprise using its page.

Of course, there are several other things you’ll have to find, claim and update so you are responsible for your Google results. Putting a while into this each day is essential parts of your business, so don’t wait!

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