Balance Transfer Cards. A credit card is an opportunity to make purchases with some advantages; however, sometimes we do not use them properly. While credit allows you to pay long after the purchase has been made, it is also likely that this distance will make you forget to pay for it and buy more than […]

Many people look for emergency money loans to help themselves with these expenses .There are always last minute obligations that need to be paid without waiting, but we know that sometimes money is not enough or your salary is budgeted to cover your fixed debts month after month. The first place people turn to when […]

It’s always important to listen to expert advice on how to pay off a credit card. Doing it the right way goes beyond paying a minimum monthly payment. There are several items on the statement that are important to know and manage. The reason? To prevent credit card debt from completely stifling your finances. The […]

What are EMV cards? The search for security systems for credit and debit cards has been a constant in recent decades. The EMV system is another part of the evolution of card security, in this case, based on the incorporation of the chip in the card, something already common and widespread nowadays. Technological progress surprises […]

Virtual cards have become a very interesting and well accepted payment element through the Internet. The year 2015 closed with record sales through the Internet. This reality has been happening year after year in the last decade, we increasingly buy more and more over the Internet and we increasingly give more credibility to everything that […]

Many credit card users are unaware of the advantages and coverage they have for having contracted their cards. In fact, a report by the Association of Bank and Insurance Users indicated at the time that 90% of consumers are unaware of these insurance policies. To get an idea of the insurance business, families pay an […]

The volume of credit card purchase transactions has increased dramatically in recent years. Obviously, online shopping has had an influence on this fact. However, there are issues that we are not always very clear about card purchases. The possibility of cancelling a purchase and refunding the amount paid is one of them. The fact is […]

The truth is that there is no doubt that most users do not use their credit cards correctly, since, for example, they tend to abuse credit and end up acquiring a significant level of debt with their bank from which it seems almost impossible to get rid of. In order to make good use of […]

Among the modifications that some debit or credit cards offer are the possibility of obtaining cashback bonuses. They are not very common, but they can be very effective. Cards nowadays have been changing their features, so that they offer more and more services and functionalities such as, for example, the possibility of offering the return […]

In many occasions we do not take advantage of our credit or debit cards. This is because we associate them exclusively with their use as a payment method, but they may have more functionalities associated with them and could offer some advantages that we do not always notice. Nowadays credit cards are really complete products […]