Commission-free cards: do they exist?

To answer the question, it should be pointed out at the outset that commission-free cards do indeed exist. However, they are not all the same, nor do they all offer the same benefits, so it is important to analyze the type of offer you are going to receive.

In this regard, it should be noted that, in recent years, the concept of a free card has changed a lot. So much so that those pre-approved cards, which later generated so many problems due to their high interest rates, hardly have any place in the market.

However, the claim of a fee-free card does not always mean the same thing and is not always applied in the same way.

Commission-free cards: what are they like?

First of all, we must check whether commission-free cards are indeed such. Do not think that this is also a rare or not very silly statement, in fact, a very important part of the cards that are offered as free are free for a limited period of time.

It is very common that we are offered a card without commissions during the first year, but that, after this period of time, it presents commissions or demands the fulfillment of a series of conditions in order not to apply them. For example, a certain number of purchases, a certain number of withdrawals.

On the other hand, it is very common to find linkage requirements linked precisely to this absence of commissions. That is to say, it is frequent that the user finds the card associated to the contracting of a payroll service, or similar products, in which we can also find in some cases absence of commissions, but in others not, with which it would be necessary to look precisely for the equivalence between what is proposed to us, what supposes the absence of commissions and the possible expenses that the entailment can present.

This does not mean at all that they are not worthwhile, in fact, they are the cards that we should look for as a matter of course, since they provide us with savings that, without being spectacular, are important…

Moreover, nowadays, it is very difficult to associate good financial products with the application of commissions except in certain investment products where these are practically obligatory, and, on the other hand, let us not forget that the absence of commissions on the card refers exclusively to the maintenance commission, since others such as commissions on availability are applied practically 100% of the time.

Minimum characteristics that commission-free cards must have

It is logical that there is a limit to the added values that these cards can offer. When contracting them, and in view of the fact that they are commission-free products, the first thing we should demand is precisely the absence of commissions.

Therefore, first of all, a thorough review of the conditions of the product is required in order to determine that no commissions will be applied (remember that sometimes an advertisement for a free card refers only to the costs of the first year).

From this point on, an analysis of the advantages of the product begins.

It is assumed that we have sufficiently analyzed the offer to choose it according to its virtues, i.e., if what interests us is the discount that applies to refueling, or if we are really interested in a card with greater flexibility for ATM withdrawals, or for deferred payment.

You must take into account that magic cards do not exist for the common users, therefore, it will be difficult to find all the values together in a single product, that is why it is so important to choose correctly what you want.