To answer the question, it should be pointed out at the outset that commission-free cards do indeed exist. However, they are not all the same, nor do they all offer the same benefits, so it is important to analyze the type of offer you are going to receive. In this regard, it should be noted […]

Every year new users join the financial services. People who, because of their age, access their first bank account and credit card. Unfortunately, our country does not have a broad financial culture, which sometimes leads to the spread of myths about the use of credit cards. These myths, although fortunately they are becoming less and […]

Do you really need so many cards? A very healthy exercise is to review all our financial products from time to time. However, while this is more or less common for products such as accounts, or savings or investment products, we don’t always do it in relation to cards. And yet we generally accumulate more […]

The rejection of applications to contract credit card is frequent. The reasons why a bank or financial institution rejects a user’s application for a card are varied, but they all depend on the customer’s personal finances. Credit cards, as a product oriented to financing, are subject to a study on aspects of the applicant’s finances, […]