Follow this simple checklist to beat your physical program presence.

Which means you have the next startup accelerator program going on at this time or approaching fast. You may well be thinking about, how do you provide as much value without face-to-face relationships? MAY I have as big of a direct effect virtually, or must i delay our timeline? MAY I even do it at all?

Short answer: Yes, you can.

This is the time to intensify as innovators in the startup ecosystem. It’s time to evolve. Similar to the startups they fund, accelerators are always ripe for an upgrade.

As a wild generalization, entrepreneurs have an all natural tendency to charge ahead. However, during times of critical stress or crisis, instead of charging ahead, it really is more prudent to formulate a fresh business strategy.

This article has been built-in collaboration with Endeavor UAE. Endeavor is leading the global high-impact entrepreneurship movement to operate a vehicle long-term economic growth and build strong entrepreneurship ecosystems in growth markets by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the very best high-impact entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the latest Halo hype, an army of entrepreneurs is looking to dominate the video-game industry. Some leading startups share their tips for surviving any high-tech market reinvention.

Shipping this week, Microsoft’s Halo: Grab Xbox 360 and Sony’s motion-sensing PlayStation Move will be the talk of the $20.2 billion gaming industry. Both mark the beginning of the all-important holiday retail season, however the excitement belies the churn in a business being transformed by scrappy new technologies, platforms and entrepreneurs.

As much effort and time as it takes to start out a business, growing a fresh venture from 5 to 50 employees could be a lot more challenging. And unlike the first days of a company, when founders may have the camaraderie of an incubator program to depend on, another stage in the startup life cycle is usually a lonely one.

The NYC Venture Fellows Program really wants to help these entrepreneurs log off their islands. Since 2011, this program — a joint initiative between your city’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and Fordham University — has provided startups in NEW YORK with a support system for that post-incubator, post-seed funding period.

Arrange for an M&A right from the start, and you will be in better shape than most when acquirers start calling.

So you’ve built a startup through sheer will and grit, creating something amazing from the ground upwards. You’ve got everything streamlined, finances are in order as well as your analytics are on point. You’d prefer to exit for a few fast cash — but how?

An M&A may be the ticket — probably 99 percent of exits are M&As (for whatever you find out about IPOs, they are relatively rare considered just how many startups exist). I’ve started and sold several startups into M&As. Below are a few things you need to know to cash out successfully rather than becoming another failed statistic.

Imagine having the capacity to focus on your business at various locations over the U.S., collaborate with technologists and scientists and get startup funding in two the time. Appears like a kick-ass accelerator program right?

Although gang from TechStars might offer similar enticements, the U.S. government is behind this souped-up accelerator program. The other day President Barack Obama dispatched two Presidential memorandums — which are like executive orders where federal agencies must abide — targeted at easing entrepreneurs’ access business information and advice, together with fostering innovation and job creation by improving public/private connections.

What do you get when you put White House staffers, entrepreneurs, small enterprises and government officials in the same room? The answer is among eight Startup America Roundtable discussions happening nation-wide through the month of May.

My startup-friendly hometown of Boulder, Colo., proudly hosted the seventh Startup America Roundtable discussion to get the Obama administration’s goal — to provide Congress a lesson in entrepreneurship using insights from high growth entrepreneurs.

The on-demand economy has taken a flogging lately to be bloated with way too many startups that aren’t likely to last. The leaders of San Francisco-based delivery service Postmates, meanwhile, get super miffed when it gets grouped in to the gloomy skepticism being bandied about over the on-demand economy.

"To be totally frank, it certainly pisses us off. We are being lumped in with several companies which have significantly different business models, but also just haven’t managed the machine economics correctly,” says Kristin Schaefer, vice president of growth and strategy at Postmates, in a conversation with Entrepreneur. “Right from the start, we’ve been very focused on determining making this business work from a financial perspective.”

All of the hassles, costs and travel time certainly are a small price for everything you learn and the contacts you almost certainly wouldn’t otherwise make.

For entrepreneurs across every industry, industry events loom as a big, tempting, but sometimes overwhelming idea. Similarly, they certainly are a vast watering hole for partners, end-users and the press. Alternatively, the costs connected with trade shows are occasionally daunting for smaller companies and startups.

Richard Branson made waves last month by announcing the Virgin Group will observe the lead of several Silicon Valley startups and provide unlimited paid vacation.

Is this a “Jedi Mind Trick” targeted at saving cash while keeping secretly keeping employees chained with their digital desks? Recent pieces with time, BusinessWeek and THE BRAND NEW York Times suggest so.

Criticism of unlimited vacation policies fall into two opposite camps: employees will abuse the policy and take a lot of time off or employees will need virtually no time off.