How Gary Vaynerchuck, Chris Brogan and Others Think Social Media CHANGES in 2012

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2011 was a big year for social media. Not merely did Facebook land 800 million monthly users, Google+ became the brand new kid on the market and my father joined Twitter. But as more folks glom on to internet sites than previously, businesses also have had to intensify. Nowadays, entrepreneurs and brands are constantly searching for innovative ways to not only promote and market themselves and their companies but also turn into a valuable friend, fan and follower.

To better help you upon this journey in the brand new Year, I reached out for some of the entrepreneurs and social media mavens I research to and trust. Listed below are their top social-media trends for 2012:

Gary Vaynerchuk Book author and founder of VaynerMedia Bookmarking Website Pinterest will explode. Similarly, closed networks like Path, that allows users to create and share videos and photos, will see traction. Associated with, the more open we become, some can do the contrary: They’ll search for closed networks.

Not to mention, brands and businesses will continue steadily to misunderstand social. They’ll always turn to ‘push’ their service or product and it’ll hurt brands. Websites that are social aren’t platforms that act like TV or print or radio, they you live and breathing. People will be able to respond to your creative and you must be there to respond to it, along with listen.

Looking at the communities you build as an ‘asset’ is important. You should treat it just like a spouse. For example, you ‘sell’ your partner on things very differently than a person who works for you. It requires more tact and a slower roll. That’s developing advocates.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Social Media and Customer Retention

Chris Brogan President, Human Business Works With so many consumers and businesses using social media, 2012 would be the year of oversaturation. That may need a more focused effort to create useful/meaningful media or be left out as noise.

Chris Brogan on Social Media Traps

Guy Kawasaki Book author and co-founder of Google+ could have more users than Twitter in 2012.

Guy Kawasaki: To Win at Social Media, ‘Plant Many Seeds’

Charlene Li Founder of Altimeter Group Given the limited time and resources that entrepreneurs have, you truly should be careful about how enough time you may spend following new trends. Allocate handful of time to following new shiny objects — but 90 percent of your energy should be centered on the few social-media sites which have the greatest effect on your business. Develop them fully every day before turning your focus on new trends.

Having said that, the big someone to watch carefully this season is Google+. It’s growing quickly and can accelerate since it gets adopted by companies at the enterprise level. Have at least a presence and cultivate a deeper, dialog-driven relationship that’s unique of you skill on more constrained social media sites like Twitter.

Shervin Pishevar Managing Director at Menlo Ventures This season will mark the rise of the ambient platforms where apps, services and devices mesh together as you in real-time synchronicity. Your activity will automatically register and trigger across multiple apps and devices.

Collaborative consumption, social commerce and services addressing excess capacity are likely to build extremely fast. Social gaming and entertainment will continue steadily to ascend in another wave of innovation across Facebook and increasingly through cellular devices.

What do you consider the brand new trends in social media will maintain 2012? Leave a comment, and tell us.

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