Obama ‘Can’t Wait’ TO GREATLY HELP Entrepreneurs

Imagine having the capacity to focus on your business at various locations over the U.S., collaborate with technologists and scientists and get startup funding in two the time. Appears like a kick-ass accelerator program right?

Although gang from TechStars might offer similar enticements, the U.S. government is behind this souped-up accelerator program. The other day President Barack Obama dispatched two Presidential memorandums — which are like executive orders where federal agencies must abide — targeted at easing entrepreneurs’ access business information and advice, together with fostering innovation and job creation by improving public/private connections.

These official decrees serve as the most recent in some executive actions, which are the main President’s "WE CAN NOT Wait" initiative. Among other measures, he has needed from mortgage-rate relief for underwater homeowners to pairing back federal-loan payments for student borrowers.

Per among the President’s latest orders, agencies which have federal laboratories just like the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health must push forward by 50 percent enough time it takes smaller businesses to get research and development grants. The initiative would accelerate technology transfers from federal laboratories and other facilities to private enterprises with the purpose of spurring entrepreneurship. The theory is to spark innovation by allowing private enterprises to quickly adapt federal technologies for industry, the President said.

According to President Obama, some agencies have already been pilot testing administrative changes with their SMALL COMPANY Innovation Research (SBIR), and SMALL COMPANY Technology Transfer (STTR) programs — that offer federal research grants for smaller businesses and startups. Due to this fact, those agencies achieved similarly reduced award times — giving businesses a youthful shot at a slice of the $147 billion pie that the federal government invests in research and development every year.

In another Presidential memorandum issued the other day, Barack Obama announced the creation of a fresh, one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking for startup information and advice: BusinessUSA. This might sound familiar. Business.gov originally launched in 1997 to greatly help businesses interact with the U.S. government. Yet as time passes, the site begun to reroute its traffic to SBA.gov. Because of its part, BusinessUSA could have a "no wrong door" policy, or, basically, if you visit the site, you have to be in a position to find resources and information for from federal exporting programs to tips for government contracting. The website is slated to be up in under 90 days.

For individuals who already are registered with SBA Direct or Export.gov, however, there is no need to join the brand new website too, Karen Mills, the top of the tiny Business Administration, said on a conference call last Friday. "They are able to navigate from whatever point of access we’ve. There are no wrong doors," she added.

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